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End of June Post

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It’s the beginning of summer and fortunately the weather so far has been very tolerable with temperatures staying in the low 90′s, and the weekly rain showers along with the high humidity has been keeping the outdoors green and lush. When the husband and I go for our evening walks we have been seeing many fireflies darting around under the trees and I also see them with their flickering lights in my backyard when I go outdoors at night to look at the sky.

swimming pool

I’m happy my swimming pool is finally finished. I bought a fantastic floaty tube thing a few weeks ago that has a cup holder and headrest; it’s the perfect thing for me to float around the pool in reading my book or just splashing around.

Gardening is my main focus these days and I go outdoors early just about every day to spend a few hours weeding, trimming and mowing. The process of adding plants into the landscaping is being a slow one for me partly due to finances and partly because I like taking my time deciding what I want. We discovered a new gardening center in McKinney last week, and I found quite a few yard decorations and planters that I really need/want.

I have a list of weekend projects for the husband and myself and coming up next is constructing the waterfall feature for the pool. He has one idea in mind, sort of a creche thing and my idea is more open with water falling off of flat rocks. it’s going to be interesting to see how it actually turns out. When the waterfall is finished it will be time to install the drip hoses around the foundation of the house and make around the house garden beds for shrubs and things. After that it will be time to start on redoing the master bathroom, and I can’t wait to have that done because right now that bathroom is nothing but hideous.

Other than house projects, gardening and going for walks my life has been pretty quiet. As usual I have been reading quite a bit and right now I’m reading Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson Series for the second time.

Doll news

June hasn’t been the best month for doing faceups because the high humidity means I haven’t been able to spray sealer. I was able to finish Dragon, my Fairyland Minifee Woso boy and he looks wonderful wearing his new Leeke wig which is dark brown and short. I’m working on finishing Mai, my Elfdoll Yumi and then it’s Daitaris turn. I also finished blushing the Soom Deertaur body and put her back together.

Melody the Soom Deertaur

Dragan the Fairyland MiniFee WooSoo

Blythe dolls

I cut the T-bar too short on my Rouge Noir and am waiting for a new one that I ordered from Cool Cat. I decided against changing the faceup on Wickery, instead I’m going to change out a couple of her pairs of eyechip and give her a either short haircut or find an alpaca scalp for her. About the eyechips I’m getting better at painting them, in fact I’m really happy with how the last few pairs have turned out.

I haven’t bought any dolls this past month but I have a few I want to sell. I was planning to sell Presley my short haired Goldie and had her listed for awhile, but without any success, so I’m just going to keep her. I go back and forth about selling Felicity, my custom Hello Harvest. I decide it’s a yes, and then I take a few selling pictures and decide it’s a no, but I am definitely going to sell the Rouge Noir once she’s finished. I sure wish I had left the Rouge Noir alone and not customized her, she was so cute stock, but I just had to mess with her.

The big changes that Flicker made last month have left many people unhappy. At first I was undecided about how I felt, but I am liking it less and less all the time. I could go on with the problems with the new Flicker format, too big of picture size, slowness, blah blah, but I won’t. I’m putting new new pictures up at iPernity and will see how it goes there.

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Off the Internet

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Internet links and images of what has caught my interest recently. A road view from Los Angeles California along with an article about your chances of becoming an astronaut. Also pictures and link showcasing my continuing obsession with home decoration.

Yes I’ve said it a million times: I miss my hometown of Los Angeles. I was quite excited about finding this Youtube video of someone driving from Marina del Rey to Venice. These are the roads that I know so well and seeing them brings back the memories of many happy times.
Marina del Rey and Venice

Okay, this is so great! I have always dreamed of going into outer space and according to this article I may have a slight chance of making this dream come true.
So you want to be an astronant?

Favorite home
Old warehouse converted into a home
Here is my entry for favorite home of the month. Location: the Mission district in San Francisco. A converted warehouse built in the 1930′s that was converted into a living space and art factory in 2006. What appeals to me here? That would be the tech look of black and chrome with the added splashes of colors. The use of skylights for sunlight with the plants and living wall, and the rough textured walls which are very tactile and alive. The long counter space in kitchen and bathrooms and the circular stairway all combine to give me the feeling of pure love for this living environment.

living area


Master bedroom with living green wall and skylight

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End of April Post

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Posting this a month late..
Another end of month post where I’ve combined life and doll news. Beginning with life the weather this April has had a little bit of everything, from cold nights and rainy days to hot, humid 90 degrees F during the day and not much cooler at night. Luckily though there was only one week of the hot weather, not quite ready for that yet. Over all it has been a very pleasant month with cooler temperatures than normal, nice breezes and beautiful partly cloudy skies.

My husband and I have just about finished the fence that’s going around our new pool, one more weekend should do it. I say my husband and I are making the fence, but in truth he is the one building it with my contribution being mostly about asking him how its going, and cleaning up after him of course. With the landscaping I’ve got some grass seed in and have been slowly buying plants for beds and for filling in along the new fence.

behind house
We have almost two acres of land around our house and right now it’s almost non stop maintenance because of how fast everything is growing.

Here’s what’s been happening with the dolls for April..with the BJDs my Lati Yellow sold very quickly on DoA and she’s now on her way to Australia. I have wiped the faceup’s off my Elfdoll Yumi, Fairyland Minifee Wooso and Soom Mylo because I had this urge to redo them. I have started on the new faceup for Wooso and most likely will do my Soom Mylo next. I also took my Soom Deertaur apart to blush her and used Rit dye to blush her hoofs and lower legs. It turned out awesome, very rich in color with great coverage and I like it much better than my other option which was pastels.

Needing to be finished or started
dollsneeding to be done
IMG_2188 -1

With the Blythe dolls, I bought two in April, both SBLs, one is Bow Wow Trad and the other is Mitten. Mitten came with so much stock I cannot even believe it, a dress, skirt and top, two jackets, two hats, headband, muffler, mittens, two pairs boots, tights. A little Petite Blythe also came with her and it came with two outfits, headband and socks. The Petite is my first and I was surprised at how tiny and darling she is.


I have decided to sell my first Goldie Presley; at first I put out messages to see if anyone wanted to trade Presley for a Kozy, but I had no luck with that so I’m going to sell her and just buy a Kozy. Why am I selling Presley? well as my Blythe collection grows I want to weed out what I can every now and then. I have my second Goldie Stevie Ray that I got this past January and I have realized that I prefer her more traditional look over Presley with her short hair. I am also going to sell Parvati, my Rouge Noir, so I’m redoing her faceup and then will list her because for whatever the reason I just never liked her all that much. It was one of the few times that I’ve bought a doll from my wish list and realized that I really don’t want it after all. I still have two other Blythe dolls to customize, but really am not all that motivated to do them. The reason for that is because I bought them with the idea to customize them for sale, but I have realized that I just don’t want to customize dolls to sell. I like doing one for myself every now and then, but that’s it.

A few random pics
Blythe dolls

IMG_2041 -1

IMG_2383 -2

IMG_2391 -1

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Story of Stevie Ray

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Stevie Ray is a BL Goldie. I bought her off of the marketplace at Blythe Kingdom and she arrived January 3 2013. I love the “All Gold In One” Blythe, because their dramatic look with black hair, red lips and shocked expression appeals to me. She does have a Goldie sister named Presley.

Stevie Ray

Stevie Ray


Stevie Ray has her share of the Goldie behaviors, she is outspoken and can be a little crazy acting at times, but she is also friendly and generous. Interested in her friends, she is also a lover of games that she plays on her Android tablet, especially the more old-fashion games like checkers, backgammon and cribbage. Another favorite thing to do is watching her favorite television shows on Hulu or Netflix.

Favorite color

Red is her favorite color

Clothing style

Stevie Ray likes crazy hats and hair accessories. She also likes jeans and cool t-shirts.

Favorite foods

Italian is her favorite.

What she does not like

Closets, she is afraid of closets because she thinks monsters live in them.

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End of March Post

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Here it is, my news for the month of March.

behind house

In my personal life I’ve mostly been keeping busy with outdoor gardening and clean up work. I now have a pretty strong dislike for the bits and blobs of cement that came from from building our new pool. I mention this because the cement mess is everywhere, and getting rid of it is very time consuming.

I am beginning planning the landscaping that is going to go around the pool. I have a plan of what I want, where it’s going to go and where I’m going to buy everything I need. Nothing much is happening with the landscaping at the moment though because of waiting for warmer weather along with waiting for the fence to be finished so the pool company can finish off the inside of the pool. My husbands and my weekends have been nothing but fence building really for over a month now. It is slow going because of weather and because he is a perfectionist and wants to make his fence strong and nice looking, I have zero problems with that, but I do wish it was going faster.

Portion of fence around pool
fence going up very slowly

With the dolls I am still in SBL Blythe collecting mode. I bought two SBLs in March and there are still quite a few more that I am interested in. With the customizing, I finally finished the Factory Blythe and listed her on Blythe Kingdom for a few weeks to sell but without any luck. I decided to remove the selling post and will redo her a little differently, this time I shall seal her with MSC instead of Testors. I also redid Felicity, my Holiday Harvest Blythe and am planning on keeping her and perhaps not try to sell her at all. I have two more Blythe dolls in pieces to customize: a Cassiopeia Spice and my old Skypilot, she is the SBL that has been in pieces for a very long time. I am beginning to loose interest in customizing Blythe. For myself I prefer the stock look, and since I have not had any luck selling my customs my motivation is pretty low. I’m not giving up immediately, but I am beginning to think about other things to be doing with my spare time.

The two Blythe customs I recently finished
Felicity and Wickery

IMG_1596 -1

Groovy Groove SBL Blythe
Groovy Groove

Cloud 9 Bowl SBL Blythe
Cloud 9 Bowl

French Trench SBL Blythe
French Trench

Birdie Blue SBL Blythe
Birdie Blue

Cousin Olivia SBL Blythe
Cousin Olivia

For the BJD’s I have decided on selling my Lati Yellow Halloween Lea from 2011. I am going to be keeping most of her clothes and things because I may at some point get another Lati Yellow, it’s just right now that I have no interest in them. I also still need to do the body blushing on my Soom Deertaur and am thinking about re-doing my Elfdoll Yumi Mai’s faceup.

The Lati Yellow that I am going to be selling
Lati Yellow

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Story of Jane

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Jane is a SBL French Trench that I bought new in box from eBay and she arrived in early January 2013. French Trench came out in June 2004 and is the SBL-7. I love her stock, a blue dress, cute shoes with blue socks, and trench coat with matching hat.



Jane has more maturity than some of my other Blythe dolls. She is a young woman that likes knowing about the latest trends even though she may not follow them. Her interests are having friendly discussions with her friends about current topics and weather. She refuses to get caught up in angry unpleasant conversations though, and if someone tries to engage in anything like that she is good at defusing the anger.

Favorite colors

Blue, green and red.

Clothing style

Jane prefers wearing clothing with a french flair. Pretty dresses along with anything nautical are her favorite looks.

Favorite foods

Croissants and hot chocolate.

What she does not like

Newspaper stands because once she accidently walked into one and cut her leg. It bled so much she was sure that she would die. Luckily though a kind person wrapped their scarf around her leg and stopped the bleeding.

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Story of Sandra

by on Mar.17, 2013, under Back stories for my Blythe dolls, Blythe doll, Dolls

Sandra is an SBL Cloud 9 Bowl, which was released in September 2007I bought her new in box from an eBay seller and she arrived January 30 2013. The stock she came with is really wonderful and I love her red hair with it’s retro flip.



Sandra was involved with a young Chinese man named Lee Lei. They met each other in their early teens and dated consistently for 6 years. He was then was offered a job in England, programming for a well known a gaming company, he decided to take the job and Sandra was not invited to come along. This of course broke her heart but she was determined to not let the experience undermine her growth. She now leads Blythe seminars in keeping possession of ones inner strength.

Favorite colors

Pink and red.

Clothing style

Feminine retro.

Favorite foods

Hot tea and toast with honey.

What she does not like

Math or computer games.

What she does like

Shopping and walks on the beach.


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Story of Rei

by on Mar.14, 2013, under Back stories for my Blythe dolls, Blythe doll, Dolls


I fell in love with the Rei Ayanami-White Light Blythe as soon as I saw her promo pictures. There was something about her hair and face that just got me even though I knew nothing about her anime character. I bought mine new in box through a Blythe Kingdom transaction and she arrived January 11, 2013. I named her Rei and I just adore everything about her. She is a RBL and was released in December 2012


Rei is quiet, shy and doesn’t speak all that often. She does have a sweet nature but I wouldn’t want to make her angry. I say that because she is trained in martial arts and her favorite companion is a knife. She does well when feeling loved and well cared for.

Clothing style

Simple dresses, especially Skipper are her style, also leggings and tunics.

Favorite foods

Bubble tea, crispy duck and rice are her very favorite things.

What she does not like

Airplanes make her nervous.

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Story of Lemon

by on Mar.08, 2013, under Back stories for my Blythe dolls, Blythe doll, Dolls

Lemon is a SBL Cousin Olivia which was released in September 2008. I bought her slightly used from a Blythe Kingdom member and was pleased that she came with all of her stock and original box. She arrived February 5, 2013



Lemon is from Austria and relocated to the United States when she was 18 years old. Lemon loves classical music and the stage and she dreams about singing opera in a large stage production some day. An important fact about Lemon is that she is very good natured along with being dramatic and adores being pretty and blonde. Lemon is very happy when you speak of something that she likes because she enjoys having things in common and is pleased when she is understood.

Favorite color

Red, blue and yellow are her favorite colors.

Clothing style

Dresses, skirts with cute tops and hats and she does like hats with ears.

Favorite foods

Lemon loves asparagus, cheese and brown bread with onion.

What she is most likely to say

Yes, I like that!

What she does not like

Raincoats because she says they make her sweaty.

What she would like me to buy for her

A vacation to Italy.

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March Post

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Here are a few random photographs I discovered on various blogs that I have been enjoying. Photographs showcasing the raw beauty of nature are always a favorite and I have definitely been attracted to stairways recently.

There are many different architectural designs of houses that interest me. The design of some comfort me, while others because of their artistic and aesthetic perfection leave me wanting to stand up and sing, or have me believing that I can do something epic, wonderful, earth shattering. I love houses in trees, homes carved underground or inside of caves, a loft in a big city or a country mountainside cabin. New or old, modern or of a classical design, I love looking at them all.

Stairway and Globes
tumblr_mfd3q70Ks61rdm3qwo1_500.jpg welcomehomedarlingblog

House of Windows
tumblr_mgddu3uJ5G1rdm3qwo1_500.jpg welcomehomedarlingblog

Frozen in The City
tumblr_mh5e0nr6dG1r6q94do2_500.jpg spookyhouseblog

tumblr_mh6tdpl2Bb1rdm3qwo1_500.jpg welcomehomedarlingblog

My Kind of House

Winding Staircase
staircase (2)

Monument Valley

Moonlight Grand Canyon

Seaham England
Pictures in the News: Seaham, England


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Story of Goudrin

by on Feb.16, 2013, under Back stories for my Blythe dolls, Blythe doll, Dolls


Goudrin is a Mondrian BL Blythe The BL-1 Mondrian was issued in 2001 and there were three issues, 1, shiny and boggled. 2, Matte and boggled. 3, shiny and not boggled. All three are on the Licca body. Mine is the third one, shiny and not boggled, and she is the second Mondrian or Mondie I’ve owned. This second Mondie arrived in December of 2012 and I bought her used from eBay.


What shall I say about Goudrin? She is vain and narrow minded first of all, but she is also enthusiastic and friendly. She loves my husband and enjoys going into his “Man Room” in the evenings to talk to him and he is kind enough to humor me with this. She loves flinging her pretty blonde hair around and speaking flirtatiously in a breathy voice.

Favorite color

That would be yellow and black.

Clothing style

Looking pretty is important to Goudrin and so nice dresses and stylish outfits are what she likes.

Favorite foods

This fashion conscious girl is always thinking about keeping her slim figure so low calorie foods are a must. Non-fat yogurt and fruit are her favorites, and she allows herself one homemade chocolate chip cookie with ice-cream a week.

What she is most likely to say

“I really don’t have time for you right now” and another thing she says all the time is ” how does my hair look?”

What she does not like

Being made to wear clothes she doesn’t like.

What she would like me to buy for her

Clothes of course and a Mondie sister.

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Early February Doll Post

by on Feb.10, 2013, under BJD's, Blythe doll, Dolls, Faceups done by me


Here is the doll news for the early part of February. It was pretty remarkable that both the Fairyland Littlefee and Soom Teenie Gem body left for their new homes on the same day. The Soom Grit went all the way to Russia to join the faceplates that I sent out a few weeks ago and the Littlefee after almost going to France ended up in Alabama. Other BJD news is that I considered selling Mai, my ELfdoll Yumi last week, considered it until I took her selling picture and remembered how much I love her. My husband shaking his head when I mentioned to him that I was planning on letting her go also helped in my decision to have her stay. I have yet to do the body blushing on Melody my Deertaur Tona. The weather has not been right for spraying sealer and I have been busy with other things. I do like her very much though and am finding that she looks very cute in so many of the YOSD clothes that I was planning on selling.

While the BJD population shrinks my BLythe doll count increases. I now have three dolls from the SBL mold. A Cloud 9 Bowl and Cousin Olivia joined the French Trench that I bought in the beginning of January. I am so in love with SBL’s at the moment. I have mostly been buying them new in box, which is something I do love, the Cousin Olivia has been the only one to arrive here used, but she did come in box with all her stock. She is really amazing by the way, her hair is unbelievably soft and pretty and her faceup is very dramatic and cute. I have quite a few more of the SBL Blythe girls that I want to purchase over the next couple of months, and the way I choose them is for their personalities, faceups and stock. Something that is interesting to me is that with the SBL’s I do not give them the personalities that my other Blythe dolls seem to have. They are different, mature instead of being little girls, more of a collector item that being part of a doll family. I do give them names, and love them as much as my other dolls, but it is definitely different.

Still with the Blythe dolls, Felicity, my Hello Harvest custom is for sale on BK. I’ve been thinking about selling her for some time now and it feels like a good idea to re-home her. I’m still slowly working on the two that I bought to customize, but again the humid weather is slowing me down. One is almost finished though and the other one is going to be getting a very light faceup, no heavy carving or pastels. I have just about zero expectations for building up my name as a Blythe customizer even though I believe that my work is every bit as good as anyone else out there. I say that because of realizing that is it just about impossible to fight the majority of Blythe collectors belief that only the well known, high prices customs are worth collecting. So why do I customize them then? That is easily answered, I love customizing dolls and as already mentioned take pride in the belief that I do good work. It would feel very nice to have other people agree with me on that, but if it happens it happens, and if not, well at least I tried.

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The New Hat

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A new hat arrived the other day and it’s called a “Guy Hat” named after this hat creator’s dog.

Guinness wants it off!
The new hat

“Take it off of her!”
IMG_0602 -1

“What is it and why is it here?”
IMG_0611 -1

The hat sits alone
IMG_0613 -1

Podkayne on a reconnasance mission.
IMG_0615 -1

She tries it on, likes how it fits.
IMG_0619 -1

And runs off with the Guy Hat.
IMG_0622 -1

Much later after wrestling it away from Podkayne, Stevie Ray tries on the new hat. Does she approve? I’m not sure, what do you think?
IMG_0633 -1

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Mori Girls

by on Feb.01, 2013, under Clothing, Personal



While looking at doll clothes for sale on Etsy I have been seeing clothes being called “Mori Girls”. I wasn’t at all sure what it meant but wasn’t curious enough to Google it until I saw a post on Blythe Kingdom earlier this week where someone was asking about Blythe Mori Girl customs. And what do I think about it? It’s a sweet idea and I can imagine young girls along with older women having a beautiful time being forest girls. I dressed pretty similar to this look for years and still have some of my vintage clothing from that time. I’m not really all that interested in dressing like that anymore, but I am interested in dressing my Blythe and BJD dolls in this style.




Girls of the Forest

From Girls of the Forest Fashion Blog

From Girls of the Forest Fashion Blog

“Mori girls are so called because they look as though they would be very much at home in the woods. Basic to the style is a layered look making use of items with an airy feel – such as A-line dresses, long and tiered skirts, and flowing cardigans – made of cotton, wool yarn, and other natural materials. White and cream are favorite colors. Added to these basic items are tights, flat shoes, and cotton tote bags or tanned-leather shoulder bags, often complemented by wavy medium-length hair. The overall effect is soft…..”

“The term mori girl is thought to have come from the name of a community launched in August 2006 on Mixi, a Japanese social networking service. Since then, it has spread far beyond the online community into the real world….”

“While there are several accepted definitions of mori girls, they are basically fond of loose-fitting dresses; clothes that appear natural in style but have a bit of a twist; folkloric clothes; deep hues such as wine red, forest green, dark blue, and brown; fluffy knit and fur caps; ponchos and boleros; leather bags; small cross-body bags; animal and sweets motifs; checks, polka dots, and classic floral prints; lace; tights and leggings; footwear with rounded toes; and scarves and stoles, which they wrap around their necks several times. Mori girls like going on walks with camera in hand, doing fancywork, and visiting cafes and zakkaya (knick-knack stores)”

“All in all, the impression is light and feathery. But the mori girl is more than just a fashion trend. It is almost a way of life, with the mori girl mentality pervading everything from hobby and home decor preferences to values and lifestyles.”

“The mori girl style does not seek to be attractive to men, unlike the mote (popularity-boosting) fashion that was big around the first half of the decade. It is also in stark contrast to the currently popular miniskirts, minidresses, and other “body-conscious” styles that accentuate feminine curves. What is it about the mori girl look that appeals to young women today?
Mori girls say they enjoy putting together fashions that stand apart from the latest trends advertised in magazines and on TV, such as by finding dresses at vintage clothes stores and making their own scrunchies and accessories. They love the comfort of natural materials, and there is softness and warmth in the styles they seek.
Grounded in a clear philosophy of wearing easygoing and cozy clothes, the forest-girl lifestyle is attracting a widening circle of women who prefer to dress in styles that accord with their pace of life and their natural selves rather than following transient fashion trends. (February 2010)”

ALL OF THE ABOVE HAS BEEN COPIED FROM “Girls of the Forest Fashion Blog.

Pretty hair styles and lacey accessories
Mori Girl hair and accessories

The Mori Girl Trend. Putting it all together
Trend watching More Girl



Mori Girl Mania
Filed under: Mori Girl — Imogen @ 1:39 pm

“Today’s outfit is inspired by Mori Girls and made with items that are in store now!

Perhaps in a backlash against the shiny, hyper-saturated, candy-colored perfection of other Japanese street styles, Mori girl has emerged over the last 2-3 years – and it’s taking over Tokyo by storm. Mori means “forest” and it’s easy to see why this label was applied, because these girls do look as if they’ve worn a beautiful frilly outfit into the woods and have emerged a few years later having worn it nearly to shreds, just like Miss Havisham in Charles Dickens’ classic novel Great Expectations. (Click on any pictures to enlarge.)

Mori Girl is all about layering together aging lace, crochet, soft cottons, knits, leather and other nostalgic fabrics to create a sweet feminine look that’s a bit rough around the edges. Which is great news for the budget-conscious, because you can mix real Mori Girl brands like Wonder Rocket (browse Wonder Rocket here) together with any old thrift store finds – the gnarlier the better, some would say! In my visits, I’ve seen a lot of suede or leather boots, real fur, slouchy knits, ratty old scarves, antique jewelry and canvas or leather bags being used.

The color palette seems to be heavily neutral, with small splashes of black, burgundy, and dusky pink.

But it’s more than just a fashion style for some. It’s part of a broader resurgence of home-made crafts and nostalgic activities like knitting, drawing, and photography with old-fashioned cameras. In some ways I think we’re seeing similar trends here, when I look at hipsters with their Holga cameras, listening to folk as they trudge around in a pair of worn out leather boots”
Above article is from

A blog and shop with older nature women

A blog with pictures of pretty things.
Moss Garden Blog

Spoon Magazine

A blog discussion about the Mori Girl Rules.
Fashion Japan

Checklist to see if you are a real Mori Girl From Mori Girls Mixi List on live Journal

“[Mori-Girl (Forrest Girl) Provisions] * Updated 09.8.01
Loves loose fitting one-piece dresses.†
Wears one piece dresses and skirts as everyday dresses.
Prefers somewhat quirky clothing to simples ones (but don’t really like out and out flashy ones)
Seemingly Natural type fashion style with little quirk.
Loves to be particular about materials.
Loves to wear ethnic clothes.
Dresses in A line clothes.
Loves one-piece dresses little girls would wear too.
Loves smock-like one piece dresses and blouses.
Don’t like super sweet fashion.
Loves deep earthy colors like Bordeaux (burgundy), dark green, dark blue, and brown.
Looks good in warm colors.
More comfortable with short nails.
Loves soft, cushy knit or fur caps.
Loves ear muffs.
Loves ponchos and boleros.
Likes to hold leather bugs.
Uses pochette at every chance.
Prefers gold accessories to silver ones.
Finds old items charming.
Loves pocket watches.
Loves necklaces with large motifs like loupes.
Loves animal motifs.
Loves candy and sweets motifs.
Loves checks and polka-dots.
Loves retro flower prints.
Loves laces.
Loves tights and leggings.
Wears flat soled shoes as default foot-wears
Loves round-toed shoes.
If wearing sneakers, they must be slip-ons that’s loose fitting and cute.
Prefer cloth buttons to ordinary buttons
Loves to wrap the scarves and stoles all the way around the neck.
The default winter wears are turtlenecks.
Loves to wear layers.
Feels the pangs for puffed sleeves.
Loves fairy tales.
Have light complexion.
Soft curled hair.
Bob cut with short bangs.
Short bangs, long hair with curly hair.
Loves Felissimo.
Loves especially Syrup and Snow Fellisimo
Loves the vibe of Q-pot candy-shaped accessories.
Loves to hang loose/chill at cafÈs.
Loves to take a walk with a camera in a hand.
Before you know, you would be shopping one small shops to the next.
A collector, have a habit of colleting things you love.
Feels happy when you find cute books at bookstores.
You get exited when you at furniture store.
Loves hand-made stuff.
Loves winter and autumn as far as the seasons go.
Wants to travel to northern Europe someday.
Likes to put round make-up on cheeks.
If you are going to put any perfumes, you’d like faint flower scents.
A girl with soft air about her (or longs to be one)
A girl with pure and clear air (or longs to be one.)
You were told you permeates a laid-back aura at all time.
You consider Hagu from “Honey and Clover” is a Mori Girl.
*Shizuru Satonaka from “Tada, kimi wo aishiteru (I simply love you)” is also a Mori Girl
A friend told you that you look like you belong in a forest”

Many different interpretations of what is Mori Girl.
Flickerriver most interesting



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Story of Darjeeling

by on Jan.26, 2013, under Back stories for my Blythe dolls, Blythe doll, Dolls

Darjeeling is a Tea for Two EBL Blythe that I adopted off the Blythe Kingdom Marketplace and she arrived December 1 2012. The Tea for Two EBL-8 was released in March of 2003 and the Tea for Two Encore SBL was released in April 2006. The first Blythe doll I bought back in 2008 was the Tea for Two SBL. I ended up selling her and knew that I would replace her at some point with the EBL version.



Darjeeling is a young girl that loves horses and anything to do with them makes her heart happy. So she reads horse books, watches movies with horses and draws them. Her girl crush is for Tatum O’neil as she was in the movie International Velvet. Her best friend forever is Fractal.

Favorite color

Her favorite colors are green and brown

Most likely to

Be a veterinarian assistant for large animals when she grows up.

Clothing style

She prefers wearing dresses and skirts with tops. She also like her hair looking nice.

Favorite foods

Darjeeling likes soup of any kind with bread and cheese. She also loves yogurt and fruit.

What she does not like

She does not like cats or lizards, they frighten her.

What she would like me to buy for her

Besides a horse she would like horse books and riding lessons.

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