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Newspaper links that I found to be interesting

I’ve been saving up bookmarks to links of the newspaper articles that I found to be quirky and interesting. This first article is of new cars being transported for sale on an enormous ship. This is one of those things that I never think about, and by that I mean I rarely ever say to myself, “just look at all… Read more →

Life, Dolls, For December

I got all the boxes of Christmas stuff out of storage last week but wasn’t sure if I would want to decorate or not. I wonder if it’s normal as you get older to loose the holiday enthusiasm? I know my mother never did, but me? I just do not feel the holiday spirit all that much any more. Perhaps… Read more →

Just About Gardening Time

I went outdoors today to take some doll photos because the sun was out for the first time in ages, and I happened to take a good look around my house. Weeds and things, and broken tree limbs everywhere! It’s time to start one of my favorite pastimes which is weeding, and once I get started you can hardly stop… Read more →