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General chit chat and photo’s of dolls, both mine and others.

End of June Post

It’s the beginning of summer and fortunately the weather so far has been very tolerable with temperatures staying in the low 90’s, and the weekly rain showers along with the high humidity has been keeping the outdoors green and lush. When the husband and I go for our evening walks we have been seeing many fireflies darting around under the… Read more →

End of March Post

Here it is, my news for the month of March. In my personal life I’ve mostly been keeping busy with outdoor gardening and clean up work. I now have a pretty strong dislike for the bits and blobs of cement that came from from building our new pool. I mention this because the cement mess is everywhere, and getting rid… Read more →

Mori Girls

While looking at doll clothes for sale on Etsy I have been seeing clothes being called “Mori Girls”. I wasn’t at all sure what it meant but wasn’t curious enough to Google it until I saw a post on Blythe Kingdom earlier this week where someone was asking about Blythe Mori Girl customs. And what do I think about it?… Read more →