Month: October 2009

Busy day

Today I am staying in the house! It is just cold outside and I wish to stay warm and cosy. I have been editing my photos for Flickr and sewing Treelings all day, but every now and then I get up to stretch and have a look out one of the windows. I am so pleased with how these three… Read more →

Lati’s World

I had a difficult time finding a name for this one! sometimes it’s like that, but I finally have come up with one that I like. For some reason she reminds me of a wolf, but I couldn’t say why that is. I kept coming up with the name Loki, so I Googled it because I knew a little about… Read more →

Halloween is coming

I didn’t decorate my house for Halloween this year, I  kept meaning to buy a pumpkin but it was not  up high enough on my to-do list for it to ever happen. I did decorate the Blythe kitchen though, and I had loads of  fun doing it. I am going to do a Halloween party in that room for my… Read more →

San Francisco

My husband and I went to San Francisco this past weekend. We rode bart to Union Square and started walking. Powell Street took us up the hill into China Town, and we went into a few of the stores to look at Buddha’s and jade. One of the shop owners was this darling woman who told my husband his colors… Read more →

It’s time for my guest to leave!

My Flickr contact Tarquin has been here for two weeks now and I am ready for him to leave. There is only one problem: so far he has nowhere to go because none of his other contacts that I have sent messages to have gotten back to me. Showing a toy around town wasn’t the fun that I thought it… Read more →

Showing Tarquin Pixel around

Tarquin is being a lovely guest so far, but I have no comparisons though because he is the first toy that has ever come to visit. He is a very interesting conversationalist, with plenty of stories of world travels and flickr contacts that we have in common. My husband and I took him to San Francisco with us this past… Read more →