Month: November 2009

A trip down to Big Sur

I live almost exactly two hours north of Big Sur which is one of my favorite places in California. It is magical, peaceful, and colorful all at once, and it holds great memories for me of my hitchhiking there in the 1970’s and spending time with some very interesting people. Quite a few years later, my mother and I would… Read more →

Sewing for the dolls

I want to make clothes for my dolls. In the past I have made dresses for the Blythe dolls, and now I am trying leggings and shirts for the smaller bjd dolls. One of the difficulties is that I do not like to follow patterns, instead I’d rather take the time to come up with my own design, because I… Read more →

Sunday Baking

I love to cook, and I especially love baking, and every Sunday is the day that I do both. Because I like to eat as healthy as possible, I use organic ingredients in just about everything that I cook. In my baking I like to cut the oil or butter in half and use low-fat plain yogurt to make up… Read more →

A Saturday Walk

My husband and I went for a walk today in Half Moon Bay I brought along two Strawberry Shortcake dolls, and took a few pictures of them playing in the road. These sweet little things always make me happy when I look at their funny little faces. Read more →

Another Treeling!

I finished another Treeling today! and I am so happy with how he turned out. I just about always make them in sets, or groves of three, and he is the second in this grove. He represents Oak, the sacred tree that gives protection, strength and stability. I make every Treeling differently, not even using a pattern when I cut… Read more →

Loki playing with her new toys

In the months leading up to my Lati’s arrival I bought clothing, furniture and re-ment house goodies for her. What I didn’t buy was toys, and this was done on purpose. To be honest, I was hoping that I wouldn’t have any reason to purchase toys for her, because I didn’t want to do the cute baby photographs with her.… Read more →