Month: January 2010

Just About Gardening Time

I went outdoors today to take some doll photos because the sun was out for the first time in ages, and I happened to take a good look around my house. Weeds and things, and broken tree limbs everywhere! It’s time to start one of my favorite pastimes which is weeding, and once I get started you can hardly stop… Read more →

Read A Book

I have been thinking lately that it would be good for me to start reading books again. I am realizing that my time spent in front of the computer screen is interesting and entertaining but soulless. I first want to get out my poetry books, and then make friends with all of the other neglected books that are sitting silently… Read more →

My Sunday

I spent all day yesterday taking down my Christmas decorations and tree, and then cleaning up the mess. Afterward’s my husband took me out for Japanese noodles and a movie. We saw Avatar in 3-D, and I have to say that this is the best, most exciting ,and beautiful film that I have seen in a long time. I will… Read more →