Month: February 2010

Photos from the weekend

The husband and I went for a late afternoon hike this past Saturday at Coyote Hills Park. Because it was late in the day and the forecast called for rain the park was just about empty of people. The only sounds were bird calls and the wind, it was very peaceful. info on park Read more →

A day in San Francisco

My Husband works in San Francisco so he is there everyday, but I don’t go all that often, so for me it is exciting to get away from our very isolated home and go to the big city. Our first stop is always his work place because the bart station is only a few blocks away. Before we walk down… Read more →

Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics are being hosted in Vancouver this time around, and the Opening Ceremonies are this Friday, February 12. I am a huge fan of the Winter Olympics because every sport is so exciting to watch. We live in a remote area and are without television so I will be glued to my computer screen. I have already bookmarked… Read more →

Dolls, dolls dolls

Photographing dolls makes me happy. Many years ago I photographed people professionally and enjoyed that as well, but I must say that the dolls are much more fun. Do I talk to my dolls while taking their pictures? I sure do, and I thank them when we are finished. Read more →