Month: May 2010

A Picture, a scribble and a poem

I was tagged this week on Flickr, and this tag was to post a “in the moment” picture of yourself and then write down 10 random things to describe yourself. Here is one of the pictures of me, it came out quite dark but I like it anyway. I got a scanner last week and I am so excited about… Read more →

Here Are The Dolls

I have been taking a break from Flickr, because I am unhappy with the amount of time that I was spending there. Between taking the photos, editing, posting, and the the commenting, it was taking up hours and hours of my time, and I have so many projects going right now that it would have been foolish for me to… Read more →

A Day Dream

My daydreams tend to fall into three categories, one of them being the realistic, like loosing ten pounds, or going camping this summer. Another category would be the “hopeful, but may not happen” category, and in this one I have the wish to live in Europe for a year, or to become rich and semi-famous because of my art. The… Read more →