Month: January 2011

Sun Moon and Space Station

Found this beautiful photo in the Astronomy Picture of the Day for January 5 2011. “Explanation: Skywatchers throughout much of Europe, North Africa, and Central Asia, were treated to the first eclipse of the new year on January 4, a partial eclipse of the Sun. But traveling to the area around Muscat, capital city of Oman, photographer Thierry Legault planned… Read more →

My First Snow in Texas

I have never before lived in a place where it snowed so I was extremely excited on this past Sunday when it snowed all day long..The husband and I went for a long walk through the park, it was magical because there was not one other person around and everything looked so extra beautiful covered with snow. Two days later… Read more →

Blythe Outdoors

I joined a new Flickr group earlier this week. It is “A Doll A Day 2011” and it’s premise is to post a picture daily of anything doll related, and I like the idea of this because of the many possibilities for creative picture taking. I took a photo of doll shoes a few days ago and yesterday it was… Read more →