Month: May 2011

Photo’s from my week

I am not posting any doll photo’s today.. Big shock I know. Instead here is a picture of a flower, a glass globe that hangs in a tree outside my bedroom and a picture of the Texas sky. The sky here in Texas is just amazing. So big and so different every day. The clouds seem to be at a… Read more →

Scarborough Renaissance Festival

Went to the Scarborough Festival this past weekend with husband and friends and was so amazed by how wonderful it was. Being from California I went to the Renaissance Fair at the Paramount Ranch many times during the late 1970’s and through the 80’s. Of course those were magical high times, and I have many wonderful memories stemming from then.… Read more →

My Acer Iconia Tab A500 Tablet

This past weekend I bought an Acer Iconia Tablet and so far I love it. I had done research on all the tablets that are available right now, and the Acer was my choice because of it’s good reviews and features. It has a 10.1 inch high resolution touch screen, which for me is a perfect size, it doesn’t feel… Read more →

Lati Yellow Post

I’m not interested in spending time in the Doll Room right now, busy with gardening, writing and life. But I did take these pictures of Dulcina last week in one of her many new outfits, and this dress is from Hiblythe on Etsy. It’s my first time ordering doll clothes from her and I am very happy with the quality… Read more →

Playing with my Android

Picture I drew on my Android using Paint Joy I am still completely bedazzled by my Android phone..I have the Motorola Global Two and am nothing but pleased with it.. One of my favorite features is of course all the apps that can be added, so I add, try and usually delete. The ones that I have kept for games… Read more →