What I did last weekend

It was Thanksgiving weekend and husband had the four days off work which was pretty nice. On Thanksgiving I had pre-decided not to cook a traditional meal because it’s just the two of us. Even thought it’s always just the two of us on holidays I normally cook a special meal, but this year I wanted to treat it like any another day. It ended up feeling very strange though without any sort of celebration and so I ended up making a turkey with all the goodies the next day.

So Thanksgiving Day was spent exploring the area north of where we live and since lakes, or reservoirs are always interesting we drove up to Lake Texoma. It was a nice drive because the roads were empty and the trees still wear their fall colors. Our destination spot was Eisenhower State Park
Park Link We chose this park because of being located closest to us and it ended up being really nice. We went for a walk on the trails and down to the Marina, wanting to scout out future locations for putting our kayaks into the water.

On Friday I heard about Larry Hagman’s death and felt sad about that as I had always enjoyed his acting, for me JR Ewing is a part of history along with the television show Dallas. Since we live not to far from Southfork Ranch, which of course is where they filmed Dallas, the husband and I bought a beautiful bunch of baby sunflowers and drove out there. It was a pretty interesting experience. I have driven by Southfork many times but this was the first time for stopping, and by the looks of all the cars in the parking lot we were not the only people that wanted to visit on that day. We went into the gift shop of course and I bought a t-shirt and husband bought a box of Southfork candy. We could of bought tickets for a tour of the ranch and house but decided against it, instead we made the short drive over to the locked main gate which provides the best view of the house. We placed our flowers with the others that were hanging from the gate and I took a few pictures.

After visiting Southfork we made the short drive over to Lake Lavon, which is a favorite of mine for hiking and kayaking. On this day we started out our hike on the dirt trails and walked down one of the boat ramps to see the water. What water? this Texas reservoir is pretty low right now so we ended up going for a walk on the dried out lake bed where I took some pictures of the objects that I found.