Story of Goudrin


Goudrin is a Mondrian BL Blythe The BL-1 Mondrian was issued in 2001 and there were three issues, 1, shiny and boggled. 2, Matte and boggled. 3, shiny and not boggled. All three are on the Licca body. Mine is the third one, shiny and not boggled, and she is the second Mondrian or Mondie I’ve owned. This second Mondie arrived in December of 2012 and I bought her used from eBay.


What shall I say about Goudrin? She is vain and narrow minded first of all, but she is also enthusiastic and friendly. She loves my husband and enjoys going into his “Man Room” in the evenings to talk to him and he is kind enough to humor me with this. She loves flinging her pretty blonde hair around and speaking flirtatiously in a breathy voice.

Favorite color

That would be yellow and black.

Clothing style

Looking pretty is important to Goudrin and so nice dresses and stylish outfits are what she likes.

Favorite foods

This fashion conscious girl is always thinking about keeping her slim figure so low calorie foods are a must. Non-fat yogurt and fruit are her favorites, and she allows herself one homemade chocolate chip cookie with ice-cream a week.

What she is most likely to say

“I really don’t have time for you right now” and another thing she says all the time is ” how does my hair look?”

What she does not like

Being made to wear clothes she doesn’t like.

What she would like me to buy for her

Clothes of course and a Mondie sister.