Life, Dolls, For December

I got all the boxes of Christmas stuff out of storage last week but wasn’t sure if I would want to decorate or not. I wonder if it’s normal as you get older to loose the holiday enthusiasm? I know my mother never did, but me? I just do not feel the holiday spirit all that much any more. Perhaps it has something to do with my mom dying at Christmas time. It’s been about 9 years now since she passed and I still miss her every day, she really was my best friend.

I did end up decorating my house a little and it looks very festive with a live tree in a pot decorated with both antique ornaments and a few fabric ornaments from Target. Lights hanging from windows and the book shelves, a few decorations strewn here and there and bam, I’m done. As usual I’m loving the streaming Chirstmas music from Live365, that makes me feel jolly every year.

The weather in Texas has been very strange and yes I am aware that it’s not only Texas that is having warmer than normal temperatures. It’s warm practically every day and the nights are staying in the 60’s, with the exceptions of a few cooler nights every now and then. As far as rain goes I really cannot remember the last time it has rained, so everything is browner than brown and my gardening plans are mostly on hold. I want to pull out all the crazy ugly weeds that are everywhere, but need a good soaking rain to soften the ground before I pull them out. I’m also still waiting for the pool to go in because I don’t want to start any real landscaping until it’s done.

On the doll front, in my last post I had mentioned the BJD’s that I was thinking about selling, and I did decide to sell the Fairyland Littlefee body along with the faceplate and I put up a listing for my Doll Chateau Olivia yesterday. If they sell before the end of January I’ll order the latest Dolfie Dream release from Volks, and it they don’t sell by then, well who knows what I’ll do.

With the Blythe dolls, I bought another one! gulp.. A Tea for Two EBL that I found on the Blythe Kingdom Marketplace, she is stock except for a Lica body and I named her Darjeeling and love her deeply! Her and Fractal have hit it off and are loving running around outdoors.

The two Blythe dolls that I found at a good price on eBay arrived yesterday and I messed up with one of them. What happened was that I really wanted to stay away from the Factory/Fake dolls and the seller had both Genuine and Factory listed. One that I got is a genuine Takara, but the other looks to be a Factory. My mistake, I didn’t pay close enough attention to the listing information, she didn’t have it mentioned in the title, which I think she really should have. So here I am with another Fake after saying that I wouldn’t buy another. I thought about returning it, but decided it would be more of a problem than it was worth, and I thought about just selling it as is, but that seemed to be a little strange. So, I’m deciding that this is a message from the Blythe gods telling me to lighten up with my belief system regarding my statement that “I Will Only Buy Takara” sometimes good intentions are more trouble than they are worth.

One other Blythe related item. While I was waiting for the two above mentioned Blythe dolls to arrive I got itchy fingers that wanted to customize something! So I decided that my EBL Fancy Pansy could use a bit of a do-over. I did her over alright, more like did her in! meaning I over-carved her eye sockets to pumpkin size and I think that she is totally ruined which really is to bad. All is not totally lost though, I had wanted a Blythe faceplate to practice lip carving on and now I have one. It’s to bad that it ended up being my FP though.