Story of Stevie Ray

Stevie Ray is a BL Goldie. I bought her off of the marketplace at Blythe Kingdom and she arrived January 3 2013. I love the “All Gold In One” Blythe, because their dramatic look with black hair, red lips and shocked expression appeals to me. She does have a Goldie sister named Presley.

Stevie Ray

Stevie Ray


Stevie Ray has her share of the Goldie behaviors, she is outspoken and can be a little crazy acting at times, but she is also friendly and generous. Interested in her friends, she is also a lover of games that she plays on her Android tablet, especially the more old-fashion games like checkers, backgammon and cribbage. Another favorite thing to do is watching her favorite television shows on Hulu or Netflix.

Favorite color

Red is her favorite color

Clothing style

Stevie Ray likes crazy hats and hair accessories. She also likes jeans and cool t-shirts.

Favorite foods

Italian is her favorite.

What she does not like

Closets, she is afraid of closets because she thinks monsters live in them.