Story of Rei


I fell in love with the Rei Ayanami-White Light Blythe as soon as I saw her promo pictures. There was something about her hair and face that just got me even though I knew nothing about her anime character. I bought mine new in box through a Blythe Kingdom transaction and she arrived January 11, 2013. I named her Rei and I just adore everything about her. She is a RBL and was released in December 2012


Rei is quiet, shy and doesn’t speak all that often. She does have a sweet nature but I wouldn’t want to make her angry. I say that because she is trained in martial arts and her favorite companion is a knife. She does well when feeling loved and well cared for.

Clothing style

Simple dresses, especially Skipper are her style, also leggings and tunics.

Favorite foods

Bubble tea, crispy duck and rice are her very favorite things.

What she does not like

Airplanes make her nervous.