Story of Jane

Jane is a SBL French Trench that I bought new in box from eBay and she arrived in early January 2013. French Trench came out in June 2004 and is the SBL-7. I love her stock, a blue dress, cute shoes with blue socks, and trench coat with matching hat.



Jane has more maturity than some of my other Blythe dolls. She is a young woman that likes knowing about the latest trends even though she may not follow them. Her interests are having friendly discussions with her friends about current topics and weather. She refuses to get caught up in angry unpleasant conversations though, and if someone tries to engage in anything like that she is good at defusing the anger.

Favorite colors

Blue, green and red.

Clothing style

Jane prefers wearing clothing with a french flair. Pretty dresses along with anything nautical are her favorite looks.

Favorite foods

Croissants and hot chocolate.

What she does not like

Newspaper stands because once she accidently walked into one and cut her leg. It bled so much she was sure that she would die. Luckily though a kind person wrapped their scarf around her leg and stopped the bleeding.