Story of Lemon

Lemon is a SBL Cousin Olivia which was released in September 2008. I bought her slightly used from a Blythe Kingdom member and was pleased that she came with all of her stock and original box. She arrived February 5, 2013



Lemon is from Austria and relocated to the United States when she was 18 years old. Lemon loves classical music and the stage and she dreams about singing opera in a large stage production some day. An important fact about Lemon is that she is very good natured along with being dramatic and adores being pretty and blonde. Lemon is very happy when you speak of something that she likes because she enjoys having things in common and is pleased when she is understood.

Favorite color

Red, blue and yellow are her favorite colors.

Clothing style

Dresses, skirts with cute tops and hats and she does like hats with ears.

Favorite foods

Lemon loves asparagus, cheese and brown bread with onion.

What she is most likely to say

Yes, I like that!

What she does not like

Raincoats because she says they make her sweaty.

What she would like me to buy for her

A vacation to Italy.