March Post

Here are a few random photographs I discovered on various blogs that I have been enjoying. Photographs showcasing the raw beauty of nature are always a favorite and I have definitely been attracted to stairways recently.

There are many different architectural designs of houses that interest me. The design of some comfort me, while others because of their artistic and aesthetic perfection leave me wanting to stand up and sing, or have me believing that I can do something epic, wonderful, earth shattering. I love houses in trees, homes carved underground or inside of caves, a loft in a big city or a country mountainside cabin. New or old, modern or of a classical design, I love looking at them all.

Stairway and Globes
tumblr_mfd3q70Ks61rdm3qwo1_500.jpg welcomehomedarlingblog

House of Windows
tumblr_mgddu3uJ5G1rdm3qwo1_500.jpg welcomehomedarlingblog

Frozen in The City
tumblr_mh5e0nr6dG1r6q94do2_500.jpg spookyhouseblog

tumblr_mh6tdpl2Bb1rdm3qwo1_500.jpg welcomehomedarlingblog

Monument Valley

Moonlight Grand Canyon

Seaham England
Pictures in the News: Seaham, England