Story of Sandra

Sandra is an SBL Cloud 9 Bowl, which was released in September 2007I bought her new in box from an eBay seller and she arrived January 30 2013. The stock she came with is really wonderful and I love her red hair with it’s retro flip.



Sandra was involved with a young Chinese man named Lee Lei. They met each other in their early teens and dated consistently for 6 years. He was then was offered a job in England, programming for a well known a gaming company, he decided to take the job and Sandra was not invited to come along. This of course broke her heart but she was determined to not let the experience undermine her growth. She now leads Blythe seminars in keeping possession of ones inner strength.

Favorite colors

Pink and red.

Clothing style

Feminine retro.

Favorite foods

Hot tea and toast with honey.

What she does not like

Math or computer games.

What she does like

Shopping and walks on the beach.