Early February Doll Post


Here is the doll news for the early part of February. It was pretty remarkable that both the Fairyland Littlefee and Soom Teenie Gem body left for their new homes on the same day. The Soom Grit went all the way to Russia to join the faceplates that I sent out a few weeks ago and the Littlefee after almost going to France ended up in Alabama. Other BJD news is that I considered selling Mai, my ELfdoll Yumi last week, considered it until I took her selling picture and remembered how much I love her. My husband shaking his head when I mentioned to him that I was planning on letting her go also helped in my decision to have her stay. I have yet to do the body blushing on Melody my Deertaur Tona. The weather has not been right for spraying sealer and I have been busy with other things. I do like her very much though and am finding that she looks very cute in so many of the YOSD clothes that I was planning on selling.

While the BJD population shrinks my BLythe doll count increases. I now have three dolls from the SBL mold. A Cloud 9 Bowl and Cousin Olivia joined the French Trench that I bought in the beginning of January. I am so in love with SBL’s at the moment. I have mostly been buying them new in box, which is something I do love, the Cousin Olivia has been the only one to arrive here used, but she did come in box with all her stock. She is really amazing by the way, her hair is unbelievably soft and pretty and her faceup is very dramatic and cute. I have quite a few more of the SBL Blythe girls that I want to purchase over the next couple of months, and the way I choose them is for their personalities, faceups and stock. Something that is interesting to me is that with the SBL’s I do not give them the personalities that my other Blythe dolls seem to have. They are different, mature instead of being little girls, more of a collector item that being part of a doll family. I do give them names, and love them as much as my other dolls, but it is definitely different.

Still with the Blythe dolls, Felicity, my Hello Harvest custom is for sale on BK. I’ve been thinking about selling her for some time now and it feels like a good idea to re-home her. I’m still slowly working on the two that I bought to customize, but again the humid weather is slowing me down. One is almost finished though and the other one is going to be getting a very light faceup, no heavy carving or pastels. I have just about zero expectations for building up my name as a Blythe customizer even though I believe that my work is every bit as good as anyone else out there. I say that because of realizing that is it just about impossible to fight the majority of Blythe collectors belief that only the well known, high prices customs are worth collecting. So why do I customize them then? That is easily answered, I love customizing dolls and as already mentioned take pride in the belief that I do good work. It would feel very nice to have other people agree with me on that, but if it happens it happens, and if not, well at least I tried.