End of March Post

Here it is, my news for the month of March.

behind house

In my personal life I’ve mostly been keeping busy with outdoor gardening and clean up work. I now have a pretty strong dislike for the bits and blobs of cement that came from from building our new pool. I mention this because the cement mess is everywhere, and getting rid of it is very time consuming.

I am beginning planning the landscaping that is going to go around the pool. I have a plan of what I want, where it’s going to go and where I’m going to buy everything I need. Nothing much is happening with the landscaping at the moment though because of waiting for warmer weather along with waiting for the fence to be finished so the pool company can finish off the inside of the pool. My husbands and my weekends have been nothing but fence building really for over a month now. It is slow going because of weather and because he is a perfectionist and wants to make his fence strong and nice looking, I have zero problems with that, but I do wish it was going faster.

Portion of fence around pool
fence going up very slowly

With the dolls I am still in SBL Blythe collecting mode. I bought two SBLs in March and there are still quite a few more that I am interested in. With the customizing, I finally finished the Factory Blythe and listed her on Blythe Kingdom for a few weeks to sell but without any luck. I decided to remove the selling post and will redo her a little differently, this time I shall seal her with MSC instead of Testors. I also redid Felicity, my Holiday Harvest Blythe and am planning on keeping her and perhaps not try to sell her at all. I have two more Blythe dolls in pieces to customize: a Cassiopeia Spice and my old Skypilot, she is the SBL that has been in pieces for a very long time. I am beginning to loose interest in customizing Blythe. For myself I prefer the stock look, and since I have not had any luck selling my customs my motivation is pretty low. I’m not giving up immediately, but I am beginning to think about other things to be doing with my spare time.

The two Blythe customs I recently finished
Felicity and Wickery

IMG_1596 -1

Groovy Groove SBL Blythe
Groovy Groove

Cloud 9 Bowl SBL Blythe
Cloud 9 Bowl

French Trench SBL Blythe
French Trench

Birdie Blue SBL Blythe
Birdie Blue

Cousin Olivia SBL Blythe
Cousin Olivia

For the BJD’s I have decided on selling my Lati Yellow Halloween Lea from 2011. I am going to be keeping most of her clothes and things because I may at some point get another Lati Yellow, it’s just right now that I have no interest in them. I also still need to do the body blushing on my Soom Deertaur and am thinking about re-doing my Elfdoll Yumi Mai’s faceup.

The Lati Yellow that I am going to be selling
Lati Yellow