Off the Internet

Internet links and images of what has caught my interest recently. A road view from Los Angeles California along with an article about your chances of becoming an astronaut. Also pictures and link showcasing my continuing obsession with home decoration.

Yes I’ve said it a million times: I miss my hometown of Los Angeles. I was quite excited about finding this Youtube video of someone driving from Marina del Rey to Venice. These are the roads that I know so well and seeing them brings back the memories of many happy times.
Marina del Rey and Venice

Okay, this is so great! I have always dreamed of going into outer space and according to this article I may have a slight chance of making this dream come true.
So you want to be an astronant?

Favorite home
Old warehouse converted into a home
Here is my entry for favorite home of the month. Location: the Mission district in San Francisco. A converted warehouse built in the 1930’s that was converted into a living space and art factory in 2006. What appeals to me here? That would be the tech look of black and chrome with the added splashes of colors. The use of skylights for sunlight with the plants and living wall, and the rough textured walls which are very tactile and alive. The long counter space in kitchen and bathrooms and the circular stairway all combine to give me the feeling of pure love for this living environment.