End of April Post

Posting this a month late..
Another end of month post where I’ve combined life and doll news. Beginning with life the weather this April has had a little bit of everything, from cold nights and rainy days to hot, humid 90 degrees F during the day and not much cooler at night. Luckily though there was only one week of the hot weather, not quite ready for that yet. Over all it has been a very pleasant month with cooler temperatures than normal, nice breezes and beautiful partly cloudy skies.

My husband and I have just about finished the fence that’s going around our new pool, one more weekend should do it. I say my husband and I are making the fence, but in truth he is the one building it with my contribution being mostly about asking him how its going, and cleaning up after him of course. With the landscaping I’ve got some grass seed in and have been slowly buying plants for beds and for filling in along the new fence.

behind house
We have almost two acres of land around our house and right now it’s almost non stop maintenance because of how fast everything is growing.

Here’s what’s been happening with the dolls for April..with the BJDs my Lati Yellow sold very quickly on DoA and she’s now on her way to Australia. I have wiped the faceup’s off my Elfdoll Yumi, Fairyland Minifee Wooso and Soom Mylo because I had this urge to redo them. I have started on the new faceup for Wooso and most likely will do my Soom Mylo next. I also took my Soom Deertaur apart to blush her and used Rit dye to blush her hoofs and lower legs. It turned out awesome, very rich in color with great coverage and I like it much better than my other option which was pastels.

Needing to be finished or started
dollsneeding to be done
IMG_2188 -1

With the Blythe dolls, I bought two in April, both SBLs, one is Bow Wow Trad and the other is Mitten. Mitten came with so much stock I cannot even believe it, a dress, skirt and top, two jackets, two hats, headband, muffler, mittens, two pairs boots, tights. A little Petite Blythe also came with her and it came with two outfits, headband and socks. The Petite is my first and I was surprised at how tiny and darling she is.

A few random pics
Blythe dolls

IMG_2041 -1

IMG_2383 -2

IMG_2391 -1