End of June Post

It’s the beginning of summer and fortunately the weather so far has been very tolerable with temperatures staying in the low 90’s, and the weekly rain showers along with the high humidity has been keeping the outdoors green and lush. When the husband and I go for our evening walks we have been seeing many fireflies darting around under the trees and I also see them with their flickering lights in my backyard when I go outdoors at night to look at the sky.

swimming pool

I’m happy my swimming pool is finally finished. I bought a fantastic floaty tube thing a few weeks ago that has a cup holder and headrest; it’s the perfect thing for me to float around the pool in reading my book or just splashing around.

Gardening is my main focus these days and I go outdoors early just about every day to spend a few hours weeding, trimming and mowing. The process of adding plants into the landscaping is being a slow one for me partly due to finances and partly because I like taking my time deciding what I want. We discovered a new gardening center in McKinney last week, and I found quite a few yard decorations and planters that I really need/want.

I have a list of weekend projects for the husband and myself and coming up next is constructing the waterfall feature for the pool. He has one idea in mind, sort of a creche thing and my idea is more open with water falling off of flat rocks. it’s going to be interesting to see how it actually turns out. When the waterfall is finished it will be time to install the drip hoses around the foundation of the house and make around the house garden beds for shrubs and things. After that it will be time to start on redoing the master bathroom, and I can’t wait to have that done because right now that bathroom is nothing but hideous.

Other than house projects, gardening and going for walks my life has been pretty quiet. As usual I have been reading quite a bit and right now I’m reading Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson Series for the second time.

Doll news

June hasn’t been the best month for doing faceups because the high humidity means I haven’t been able to spray sealer. I was able to finish Dragon, my Fairyland Minifee Woso boy and he looks wonderful wearing his new Leeke wig which is dark brown and short. I’m working on finishing Mai, my Elfdoll Yumi and then it’s Daitaris turn. I also finished blushing the Soom Deertaur body and put her back together.

Melody the Soom Deertaur

Dragan the Fairyland MiniFee WooSoo

Blythe dolls

I cut the T-bar too short on my Rouge Noir and am waiting for a new one that I ordered from Cool Cat. I decided against changing the faceup on Wickery, instead I’m going to change out a couple of her pairs of eyechip and give her a either short haircut or find an alpaca scalp for her. About the eyechips I’m getting better at painting them, in fact I’m really happy with how the last few pairs have turned out.

I haven’t bought any dolls this past month but I have a few I want to sell. I was planning to sell Presley my short haired Goldie and had her listed for awhile, but without any success, so I’m just going to keep her. I go back and forth about selling Felicity, my custom Hello Harvest. I decide it’s a yes, and then I take a few selling pictures and decide it’s a no, but I am definitely going to sell the Rouge Noir once she’s finished. I sure wish I had left the Rouge Noir alone and not customized her, she was so cute stock, but I just had to mess with her.

The big changes that Flicker made last month have left many people unhappy. At first I was undecided about how I felt, but I am liking it less and less all the time. I could go on with the problems with the new Flicker format, too big of picture size, slowness, blah blah, but I won’t. I’m putting new new pictures up at iPernity and will see how it goes there.