EarthShip I Think I Want One

I’m back with another post from a bookmark from the past, and this time I’m all about EarthShips. What is a EarthShip? you may be asking. According to Wikipedia it is “a type of passive solar house that is made of both natural and upscaled materials such as earth packed tires, pioneered by the architect Michael Reynolds”

photo from Wikipedia

“An Earthship addresses six principles or human needs: 1) Thermal/solar heating and cooling, 2) solar and wind electricity, 3) contained sewage treatment, 4) building with natural and recycled materials, 5) water harvesting, and 6) food production”

EarthShip plan Felix Muller

Link to wikipedia article

Here is one of the many posts that I found on YouTube

My original idea for this blog post was from this article. I have zero recollection as to how I came across this site in the first place but here it is. is the site, and the article’s headline is “10 reasons Why EarthShips are Freakin Awesome!”

This EarthShip Really Is Freakin Awesome

According to the article “Sustainable does not mean primitive”

Greenery in an EarthShip
Can you imagine living here? I can
Bathroom in an EarthShip
Welcome to the EarthShip
What EarthShips are made from.

This post has left me longing to move somewhere I could buy land and build an EarthShip to live in. It would fulfill so many fantasies of mine, building my own home, having it not cost a fortune, living in an original, close to the earth structure. I haven’t even said a word about the garden and all the beautiful plants in the REALfarmacy article, that will have to wait for another post.

Happy EarthShipping