The World of BJD’s

A Flickr friend of mine is buying her first BJD and is overwhelmed by the often inconsistent and/or non-existent information regarding what fits each type of BJD. There are many understandable reasons for her frustrations, one is that in each type of BJD there are sub-groups and variations on sizes. I enjoy gathering information and so I will break down the sizes here, and then go on to give you help in finding what will fit your BJD along with links to various shopping sites.

To start, here is the link to Wikipedia on BJD’s wikipedia Reading this is helpful in having a better understanding about the world of BJD’s.

The Categories of the BJD starting with the smallest are the Tinies.
There are a few different sizes in this group, and starting with the smallest they are: the 10cm (give or take a centimeter or two).
Next size up in the Tinies but a few centimeters larger are the around 16cm doll.

The next size up in the Tinies are the YOSD’s, which are around 25cm to 30cm in height.

The next size up is the MSD or Mini Super Dollfie and they are around 40cm in height, they are also referred to as being 1/4 scale.

The largest size is the SD’s or Super Dollfies and they are around 60cm, they can be referred to as 1/3 scale. This SD category is broken down even more, and starting with the smallest in this category is the SD or SD10 which are about 55 cm. Next is the SD13 that is about 60cm and then the even taller and more mature looking SD16 and SD 17, which are up to 70cm tall.

Here are a few reference pictures from a few of the the various Asian Doll Companies.
For the Tinies

Fairyland Realpuki 9.7cm tall
Fairyland Realpuki 9.7cm tall

Fairyland Pukipuki 11.2 cm tall
Fairyland Pukipuki 11.2 cm tall

Lati Yellow 16 cm tall
Lati Yellow 16 cm tall

Soom Teenie gem 26cm tall
Soom Teenie gem 26cm tall


Volks Mini Super Dollfie 42cm tall
Volks Mini Super Dollfie 42cm tall

The SD

Doll Chateau Adult 65.5 cm tall
Doll Chateau Adult 65.5 cm tall

Once we know the sizes of the various types of BJD’s we can now break it down into what size wigs, eyes, clothing, shoes and accessories we need for each size doll. The first thing I recommend doing is go to the company store website of the doll that you are interested in and find the information on measurements, and by measurements I mean everything, head, neck, leg length ect. It’s always there, so just dig for it, because once you have that information you can go on with your shopping.

The first thing to remember is that many dolls differ from others in their same size category. A few examples of that are: Different eye shapes can mean different eye sizes, does the doll have small narrow eyes, or a larger wide-eyed expression.

Wig sizes: does the doll have a large or small head. I ask that because many times the MSD’s take the same size wig as the smaller YOSD.

Shoe sizes: feet size varies not only in length but in width, also the size of the dolls lower leg changes what shoes they can wear.

Length of limbs: an article of clothing that fits one doll may be to short or long on another because of variations in body measurements.

This is where it is a good idea to have the complete measurements for your BJD’s written down. I have all of mine on index cards and I keep them in a box on my computer table, so if I’m not sure about the size for something I will message the seller and ask if they are familiar with whatever doll I am buying for, that way they can give me a yes or no. If they are not familiar with your doll you can give them the measurements to see if they are compatible.

Here is another way to find out sizing: If the item you are interested in is made for, and I am just using this doll for an example, a Fairyland Minifee. I would go the the Fairyland site and find the measurements for that doll, since I have my own dolls measurements I can compare the two and see if the item I am interested in will fit.

Where this becomes more complicated is with some of the newer dolls coming out now, with their extreme hips and thighs. These wider body types means that there are less choices for ready made clothing.

Two examples are the dolls from Leeke and Doll Chateau, with their wide hips and thighs you are not going to squeeze them into anything made for the more narrow hipped dolls in their size categories, and no, putting them on a diet will not help.

Another difficulty with the Doll Chateau dolls is that they have very narrow upper bodies and slender long legs and arms.

So how do you buy clothing for the more creatively sized dolls? You might guess that I am going to suggest using your measurements to help you in this, and then you are just going to have to be creative in finding the right top for the slender upper body along with something larger fitting for the lower body.

Another suggestion is using Den of Angels to help you. There are threads for many of the BJD’s that are there to help you in finding what will fit your doll. If you are new on that site, yes it can be overwhelming because it is so large, but just work at it a little bit now and then, because it really is extremely helpful in just about everything BJD related.

Eyes and Wigs
For the tiny Pukipuki and Lati White you want 8mm eyes and 3/4 wigs.
For the Pukifee and Lati yellow, you want 12mm or 14mm eyes and 5/6 wigs
For the YOSD’s you want 12mm or 14mm eyes and 6/7 wigs
For the MSD’s depending on eye shape you can use 12mm, 14mm, or even 16mm. The wigs are 6/7 or 7/8 depending on head size
For the SD’s I am still gathering information on them.

A word of caution on wigs and eyes. What you order is many times not what you get, and I know that I am not the only person to be saying this.

Examples of this are: I ordered a pair of 8mm eyes for one of my tinies from one company and they fit perfectly, but when I ordered a second pair in the same size from a different company, these eyes were way to large.

Another example is in wigs: I ordered a 6/7 wig from one company and then ordered a second wig but in a different style from the same company later on, and the second wig was to large even though they were the same size. What to do about this problem? not a clue, other than hope you get what you ask for, especially when ordering from a company in another country where return shipping is very costly.

Another word on eyes. When you order a doll from a company they normally tell you what size eye that doll takes. For me that is not always the best size recommendation for that doll, I find this to be especially true on the larger dolls. For example on Doll Chateau, they recommend the 16mm for a doll that really looks better wearing a 12mm or 14mm size.

What does having the right fit for you mean? First thing is in how much eye white do you want showing? You get the smaller size if you want the wide eyed look and the larger size if you want barely any white showing.

Along with sizes BJD eyes come in many shapes, low dome, high dome, wide, oval, ect. If you have the wrong shape for your doll you may have gaping in the eye corners because of the dolls head shape.

I have found that by being creative with the eye putty you can remedy this problem somewhat, but it is still nicest to have a well fitting eye.

On Den of Angels there is a customizing thread on changing the beveling on the inside eye socket if you really want to get creative, but that can be not the best idea if you plan on reselling the doll in the future. Remember any modifications that you make may not be appreciated by anyone else, which means you might have to sell at a discounted price.

Where to buy Eyes and Wigs
There are so many places to buy eyes and wigs, mostly from Asian online companies. You need to look out for shipping fees though with the Asian sites because they charge a flat rate of $20.00.

What that means is if you buy one pair of eyes, you are going to be charged a $20 shipping fee, and if you order for example a few wigs and a few pairs of eyes and a dress, or whatever, you still are going to be charged the same $20 for shipping. So either wait until you have a few things that you want to order, or be part of a group order on Den of Angels.

I do want to add that I understand why these companies charge the way that they do, and I recommend ordering from them because your order will be extremely well packaged, quickly shipped and have tracking.

Another option for buying wigs and eyes is the Marketplace on Den of Angels where you can purchase either used or new items.

A few words of advice on doing this are: Always check the sellers feedback thread before buying, and if you are just beginning to buy on Den of Angels you will need to provide feedback for yourself from other sources and those can be eBay, Etsy or any of the other doll forums.

If you are just beginning to buy and sell on the doll forums or Facebook do everyone a favor and mention right away that you are new at this and provide your feedback from other places without waiting to be asked. The less back and fourth between buyer and seller is always appreciated by both parties.

If you are buying anything of value I recommend checking all of the sellers feedback, and if they do not provide eBay and Etsy feedback I will always ask for it. If they will not provide that, move on.

It’s also a good idea to check Bad Dolly Deals Bad Dolly Deals This site is mostly Blythe sales, but I always check just to make sure. There are other sites to check on buyers and sellers feedback, just do a Google search to find them.

A real pet peeve of mine is from the sellers on Den of Angels that want you to pay their PayPal fees. I saw one selling post recently that said “PayPal fees are your responsibility” And yes this was the seller that said this!

First of all this is against PayPal policies, The fees belong to the seller not the buyer. PayPay calls this practice fraud, and that seller could loose their PayPal account. The PayPal fees are there, not for the buyer to pay, but for the seller to pay for the privilege of using PayPal to sell things and if they don’t want to pay those fees then they should not use PayPal!.

It makes me so mad because I pay my fees when selling something so why should I be paying theirs is beyond me. It is dishonest and I will not buy or sell to anyone that asks this.

Another thing to watch out for is when someone asks you to pay by gift on PayPal, if you do this you will have absolutely no recourse if the item you are buying does not arrive or if something is wrong with it. Why? because it was a gift, therefore it was not a selling transaction. Again, this is illegal and should not done. Try to imagine what buying and selling online would be like if you didn’t have a PayPal account, and if you don’t like that thought, treat your account with respect.

Some of the places that I know of where you can buy wigs Leeke World is the first place I go to look for wigs. They also make very nice glass eyes Leeke World
JpopDolls also is a place to buy wigs. They carry Monique and Jpop wigs. Jpopwigs
Another site for wigs. I especially like their wigs for Lati Yellow For My Doll
Another nice one for wigs Crobi Dolls
More wigs Minoworld
More wigs can be found on Etsy and eBay by doing a search for bjd wigs. You should be able to find many wigs there.

For eyes, the already mentioned Leeke World. another one is Safrin Doll Safrin Doll
Den of Angels is a very good place to find eyes.

Where to buy Shoes and Socks for your BJD
Going back to what I said earlier, you need to make sure to measure your BJD’s foot to make sure that the shoe you are ordering will fit.
My favorite shoes are made by Leeke World. Leeke World Shoes
Minoru World also has very cute shoes Minoruworld
Nine9Style has very nice Unoa and YOSD sized shoes Nine9style
Also Etsy and eBay has sellers that sell very nice and reasonably priced shoes
Dollmore has very nice shoes and I love their socks Dollmore

One Last Word
This blog post was written in 2011 so it might be somewhat dated. I did go through it and do some editing in early 2017 to remove dead links.
Hope you find this page useful.

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