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End of March Post

Here it is, my news for the month of March. In my personal life I’ve mostly been keeping busy with outdoor gardening and clean up work. I now have a pretty strong dislike for the bits and blobs of cement that came from from building our new pool. I mention this because the cement mess is everywhere, and getting rid… Read more →

First 2012 Doll Post

Here I am starting my third year of doll collecting and I still enjoy it as much as I did in the beginning. Some things have of course changed over time. For instance I no longer buy as many dolls as I did at first, and I’m not very active on Flickr anymore. What keeps me interested in this hobby… Read more →

Halloween is also enjoyed by BJD Dolls

My dolls love Halloween because they adore dressing up and having that tingly feeling of being a little bit frightened of something that is Halloween scary. I took quite a few photo’s of them this week in their Halloween costumes, and here they are in the scary house and having a parade. The Scary House The Parade Read more →

Here Are The Dolls

I have been taking a break from Flickr, because I am unhappy with the amount of time that I was spending there. Between taking the photos, editing, posting, and the the commenting, it was taking up hours and hours of my time, and I have so many projects going right now that it would have been foolish for me to… Read more →