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Halloween is also enjoyed by BJD Dolls

My dolls love Halloween because they adore dressing up and having that tingly feeling of being a little bit frightened of something that is Halloween scary. I took quite a few photo’s of them this week in their Halloween costumes, and here they are in the scary house and having a parade. The Scary House The Parade Read more →

Dulcina Love

I am surprised by how much I love my Lati Yellow. There is something about her sturdy little body and perfect size that is very satisfying.. I am so happy that I got Lea because she has kind of a grumpy expression on her face, and for me that is much better than cute. Read more →

Really into dolls this week

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had two new dolls arrive. The Lati Yellow Limited and a Fairyland Littlefee Ante. Doing face-ups for one of them and buying clothes for the other has kept me busy in the doll room, and since I like to share the love I have also been giving some attention to my other dolls..… Read more →

Doll Photographs from this week

I’m having fun with my new Lati Yellow that arrived last week, trying different wigs and clothes on her and seeing how she photographs by herself and with other dolls is keeping me amused. I also took a few pictures of my MSD sized dolls Yumi and Dami from Elfdoll, and my Blythe Goldie. Read more →