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Playing with my Android

Picture I drew on my Android using Paint Joy I am still completely bedazzled by my Android phone..I have the Motorola Global Two and am nothing but pleased with it.. One of my favorite features is of course all the apps that can be added, so I add, try and usually delete. The ones that I have kept for games… Read more →

A Day Dream

My daydreams tend to fall into three categories, one of them being the realistic, like loosing ten pounds, or going camping this summer. Another category would be the “hopeful, but may not happen” category, and in this one I have the wish to live in Europe for a year, or to become rich and semi-famous because of my art. The… Read more →

A day in San Francisco

My Husband works in San Francisco so he is there everyday, but I don’t go all that often, so for me it is exciting to get away from our very isolated home and go to the big city. Our first stop is always his work place because the bart station is only a few blocks away. Before we walk down… Read more →