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March Post

Here are a few random photographs I discovered on various blogs that I have been enjoying. Photographs showcasing the raw beauty of nature are always a favorite and I have definitely been attracted to stairways recently. There are many different architectural designs of houses that interest me. The design of some comfort me, while others because of their artistic and… Read more →

Photo’s from my week

I am not posting any doll photo’s today.. Big shock I know. Instead here is a picture of a flower, a glass globe that hangs in a tree outside my bedroom and a picture of the Texas sky. The sky here in Texas is just amazing. So big and so different every day. The clouds seem to be at a… Read more →

Loving my Android

About a month ago I traded in my Blackberry for a mid-price Android. I got the Global Motorola because I wanted the slide out keyboard in addition to the on screen touch/slide keyboard. I love this phone!! It took me about a week to figure it all out and then it was all about adding apps. I have added a… Read more →


I went for a walk yesterday afternoon on my favorite trail. Everything was extra green and happy with Spring. I am in the mood for poetry combined with nature, and today’s poem is Oscar Wilde’s “We Are Made One With Nature” We Are Made One with What We Touch and See We are resolved into the supreme air, We are… Read more →