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Newspaper links that I found to be interesting

I’ve been saving up bookmarks to links of the newspaper articles that I found to be quirky and interesting. This first article is of new cars being transported for sale on an enormous ship. This is one of those things that I never think about, and by that I mean I rarely ever say to myself, “just look at all… Read more →

Loving Etsy and eBay

There was an article this morning in the New York Times about the on-line shopping site Etsy. The article was informative and all, but I think that they could have made their point without the negative comparison to eBay, I buy and sell on both sites and I do prefer eBay because of the feedback accountability. In doing item comparisons… Read more →

A house in Ibiza

Looking at the New York Times International Real Estate section I found the perfect house. For me this house is everything a home in Europe should be, solid, with that old European flair, it’s on a hillside with ocean views and pictures of saints on the bedroom walls. Ever since I read Rosamunde Pilcher’s novel “Sleeping Tiger” a story that… Read more →

Monday Moscow Views

Happy Monday to everyone and I hope your weekend was a good one. My husband returned from his job interview in Texas and he says that the offer letter is on the way! So we will be moving from foggy Northern California to steamy hot Texas! I am not looking forward to the heat at all, but am excited about… Read more →

I Want A CJ3B For Me

This is a car for me! I love jeeps and this one fills my expectations of what a true jeep should look like. It’s rugged but sweet, startling in it’s simplicity but also the coolest looking car I’ve ever seen. The price tag for this car? It’s starts at “around” $80,000. A little out of my price range, but I… Read more →

A Day Dream

My daydreams tend to fall into three categories, one of them being the realistic, like loosing ten pounds, or going camping this summer. Another category would be the “hopeful, but may not happen” category, and in this one I have the wish to live in Europe for a year, or to become rich and semi-famous because of my art. The… Read more →