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Photo’s from my week

I am not posting any doll photo’s today.. Big shock I know. Instead here is a picture of a flower, a glass globe that hangs in a tree outside my bedroom and a picture of the Texas sky. The sky here in Texas is just amazing. So big and so different every day. The clouds seem to be at a… Read more →

Scarborough Renaissance Festival

Went to the Scarborough Festival this past weekend with husband and friends and was so amazed by how wonderful it was. Being from California I went to the Renaissance Fair at the Paramount Ranch many times during the late 1970’s and through the 80’s. Of course those were magical high times, and I have many wonderful memories stemming from then.… Read more →

Loving my Android

About a month ago I traded in my Blackberry for a mid-price Android. I got the Global Motorola because I wanted the slide out keyboard in addition to the on screen touch/slide keyboard. I love this phone!! It took me about a week to figure it all out and then it was all about adding apps. I have added a… Read more →

My First Snow in Texas

I have never before lived in a place where it snowed so I was extremely excited on this past Sunday when it snowed all day long..The husband and I went for a long walk through the park, it was magical because there was not one other person around and everything looked so extra beautiful covered with snow. Two days later… Read more →

Finished With the Move!

No more boxes. No more packing and unpacking and making lists!. The move did go really well though and I am thankful for that. The moving company Armstrong Relocation, which is part of United took very good care of us and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to move. We also found a house in one weekend, so we… Read more →

Monday Moscow Views

Happy Monday to everyone and I hope your weekend was a good one. My husband returned from his job interview in Texas and he says that the offer letter is on the way! So we will be moving from foggy Northern California to steamy hot Texas! I am not looking forward to the heat at all, but am excited about… Read more →